Single Women: Life of Ignominy, Fighting for Equality

         -Pratiksha Rajopadhyaya [Youth wing member]

There’s a girl who is living her life happily, enjoying to the fullest, with her family and friends,  unknown of what life has to offer, excited about tomorrow. “You’ll get married someday and you will have a new home , a new family”, says her mother. “Your husband will protect you from all the problems in life like I do”, says her father. She is brought up with the hope of finding a ‘perfect guy ‘ , with the hope of starting her own family, with the hope that someone will accept her and shower her with all the happiness in the world. She’s happy and optimistic about her life.

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Teej Mela by Single Women – Trying to Break the Social and Cultural Barrier!


I’m sure we’re all really excited about ‘Teej’. What a beautiful festival it is! Traditional songs of Teej must be already playing on the radios and televisions. All you women and girls must have already started preparing for this much awaited festival ‘Teej’. So, are you up for a pre-Teej celebration? WHR invites you to the ‘Teej Mela 2014’ organized by single women (widows), which is taking place in Chhahari. You can have a lot of fun and all for a good cause. How? -Well, the entry ticket is Rs. 50/- and all the collected money will be donated to the Sindhupalchowk flood victims. Awesome, right? Have all the fun you want and at the same time, help someone in need. The main highlight of the ‘Teej Mela’ is the products made by single women home based workers which will be displayed during the mela. Along with this and food stalls, there will also be some fun stalls. Support us in our effort to break the social barrier. Bethere to show ypur support! Come one, come all!! Date – August 22, 2014 Time -11 AM to 5 PM