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Chhahari is run by single women.Our moto is the empowerment of single women as well as strengthening their lives. “Chahhari” in Nepalese means “safe place of shade of solidarity.”It is a center where single women can share their feeling without being judged. It provides rehabilitation, reintegration and reconciliation. They will be empowered and will be given the opportunity to lead an independent life.

Nepal is a patriarchal society where women mostly play a subordinate role in everyday life. Being a single woman is significantly governed by the cultural and religious beliefs. Single women are looked down upon and are not respected by society. Some are even violated and tortured. With the help of Chhahari, these women find themselves from being a shy and vulnerable to a stronger, confident and economically independent women, When they are economically empowered most of them are socially accepted and respected hereby can live their life with dignity and are independent for their own self and their children.

Chhahari works with single women ; wives of missing husbands, divorcees, unmarried women of 35 years of age or women separated but not divorced from their husband. Our aim is to reach to those places where single women in general need a safe space, a place where they are treated as equals and a place where they are valued and treated with respect and dignity.