Bio: Women for Human Rights (WHR) was established and registered in 1994 as a non-government organization. WHR was initially formed to address the right of single women in Nepal, particularly the right of widows. However, over the time the definition of single women has undergone change to include Divorcees, Unmarried women over 35 years and single women. The main objectives of WHR are as follows: • To raise the social and economic status of Nepalese single women and their families. • To mainstream the right of single women in development, humanitarian and peace building projects. • To enhance the basic capacity of the single women themselves enabling them to become their own ‘agents of change’ by developing their confidence and self-esteem. Discrimination against women in Nepal is prevalent, due to the structure of the society deeply rooted in Patriarchal thoughts. Women are constantly marginalized and single women (widows) are in a even worse state. Single women are considered as symbols of ill-omen and the cause of the death of their husbands.WHR through these various activities has been successful in providing a ray of hope for a better future for many single women within the country. Our Vision: No Discrimination on the basis of marital status. Our Mission: Empowered single women living dignified with sustainable livelihood, social acceptance, recognized nationally and globally.

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Empowering women economically, politically, socially and culturally in order to live dignified lives and enjoy the value of human rights.

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