Intern Profile : Subina Shrestha

– Pratiksha Rajopadhyaya [Youth Wing Member]

A young and energetic young woman, ‘Subina Shrestha’ is one of the interns of Women for Human Rights, single women group(WHR).  Confident and and hard working by nature, she believes that WHR is a great platform to learn and empower herself in practical field. Working in a friendly environment, she has explored herself in a social field.


1. Why did you join WHR?
I have always been keen to work in the field of women empowerment. So, for me volunteering in WHR was a great opppurtunity to grow myself and learn more about issues related to single women. When I was doing my Masters, I first heard about WHR and since then I had a desire to work here. When I heard about youth wing membership in WHR, I instantly decided to join WHR.  I have joined this organization to learn the skills related to operation of organization, management skills: planning implementation documentation and monitoring, to participate in event organized by an organization.

2. How has WHR helped you?
WHR has been an amazing platform to enhance my professional capability by grabbing all oppurtunities that come across me. Through the help, support and encouragement of our coordinators , other staff members and co-interns, I have been able to do all the works effectively and efficiently. We are also given feedback of the activities that we do, which helps us to keep record of our mistakes so , we can work on our weaknesses.

3. What issues have you learnt about regarding single women through WHR?
I have learnt about Social Security Allowance Issue, war and conflict impacts and their case study, Gender Issue, CEDAW, National Action Plan on Implementation of the United Security Council Resolution 1325 and 1820, Women deprived from economy issue, VAW and Citizenship issue.

4. How is the working environment around WHR?
The working environment in WHR is very cooperative and friendly. There is mutual understanding between our staff members, coordinator and volunteers so there is always positive vibes in our work place and thus we are always willing to complete the task in given time.

5. How do you plan to use the experiences attained from WHR in your future career?
This experience will definitely help me to meet my objectives regarding my career. This will help to enrich my resume  stronger in my desire field. The knowledge I have gained will be utilized, shared and able to contribute to make a better place in a society.


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