Intern Profile : Karishma Malakar

Pratiksha Rajopadhyaya [Youth Wing Member]
KARISHMA MALAKAR , an active,  friendly and fun-loving person who is currently working as an intern in WHR(Women For Human Rights, single women group) says, “She is motivated by the idea of learning new things and exploring herself for growth and improvement.” . She recently completed her intermediate level studies from DAV college and is now preparing herself to build her career in the field of engineering. Even though she is a Science student, she is very keen to minimize the societal problems  and so she wants to contribute in upliftment of single women in the society.


Why did you join WHR?
I believe that discrimination should be completely eradicated from the society and equality must be established for development. I am not peace with myself until I know that I am working till my full potentiality for the betterment of mankind. WHR works for the empowerment of single women. It also provides financial support and services to help them build a better life for themselves. Single women deserve to be treated equally as any other human being. They have the right to enjoy their lives and be happy. I want single women to get equality in the society so, I joined WHR.
How has WHR helped you?
WHR has helped me many ways. First of all, WHR has taught me how to become a professional and manage my time. These days I am volunteering at WHR as well as at KVS (Kirtipur Volunteering Society).On the same hand, I am working as an assistant choreographer at 4th Little Miss World Nepal. With all these commitments, I have learnt to manage time and complete all my tasks properly. I am very much interested in working with mass and dealing with new people from different places. WHR has provided me with the oppurtunity to work as per my interest.  Working in WHR taught me to be self dependent; it taught me to raise my voice for human rights. On the same hand, working in Aadhar saving and co-operative, I collected all the related information about co-operative- its system, processing and saving and learned to work in team.
What issues have you learnt about regarding single women through WHR?
I didn’t have much idea about the critical situation of single women in our country. Since I joined WHR, I have learnt about many issues of single women. We hear many stories where single women are harassed, violated , tortured and disregarded by the society. So, I have learnt that single women are not treated as a human being in the society and they are not provided with rights and oppurtunities that they deserve.
How is working environment at WHR?
WHR has a fun and supportive working environment. I am really glad to have found an organization better than I had thought. WHR contributes to bring back single women’s rights by organizing various melas, trainings and workshops. We also did a photo shoot for the blog story regarding the life of single women in our society, which was a great experience. I love to work in WHR and I am eager to learn even more things from this organization. And yes, I am also enjoying the food from Chhahari.
How do you plan to use the experiences attained from WHR in your future career?
I have learnt a lot of professional skills from WHR such as translation, report writing, research mechanisms, data entry and so on , which will be very helpful in the future . I am going to utilize all this knowledge to work as a professional in my future. I am sure all this experience that I have acquired will help me in building up my career.

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