Intern Profile : Shobna Adhikari

    – Pratiksha Rajopadhyaya [Youth Wing Member]

SHOBNA ADHIKARI, who is currently doing her Bachelors in Development Studies from Camad College is one of our interns. She’s an enthusiastic and hardworking person. She says that before coming to WHR, she used to take the issues of single women very lightly but after she started working at WHR, she realized the problems faced by single women.


Why did you join WHR?
I am a development studies’ student, so being active and practical is very essential for my academic progress. When I heard about WHR, I wanted to become a part of it and enhance my knowledge as well as gather more experience regarding working in a social sector. I knew that working, as an intern in WHR will help me be more professional and more experienced.

How has WHR helped you?
It’s been almost 3 months; I have been working as an intern in WHR.  Here in WHR I have learnt translation of Nepali script to English. I also have learnt data entry. I am in process of learning report writing. WHR taught me that we should raise our words if we are being violated by anyone. I also have learned that we should fight for our rights. WHR has helped me be stronger as a human being as well.

What issues have you learnt about regarding single women through WHR?
WHR is a NGO, which works for single women. Single women implies of widows, women above age 35, women whose husband disappeared, divorced women. WHR taught many things about single women and their problems. Before I use to take issues of single women in a narrow way but when I started working here I came to know issues of single women are not a small but a huge issue. Single women are facing many problems at their home, work place and society. They are being excluded from the society and are religiously and culturally out casted. WHR helps to sort out problems of single women and their children.

How is working environment at WHR?
I am lucky enough to be part of WHR. WHR has friendly and cooperative environment. I amp enjoying every moment. I enjoy doing the work given. I have learnt many things and hope to learn more in upcoming days.

How do you plan to use the experiences attained from WHR in your future career?
The experiences and the knowledge gained from WHR is very precious and I would definitely implement each and every experience gained from here into practicality in my life for my career development. I want to be working in development field, so WHR has given me the strength to tackle with obstacles that comes in the way of developmental activities.


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