Intern Profile : Shobna Adhikari

    – Pratiksha Rajopadhyaya [Youth Wing Member]

SHOBNA ADHIKARI, who is currently doing her Bachelors in Development Studies from Camad College is one of our interns. She’s an enthusiastic and hardworking person. She says that before coming to WHR, she used to take the issues of single women very lightly but after she started working at WHR, she realized the problems faced by single women.

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Intern Profile : Nija Silwal

– Pratiksha Rajopadhyaya [Youth Wing Member ]

A smart , fun loving and cheeerful young woman, NIJA SILWAL joined WHR a few months back.  An enthusiast by nature, she believes that WHR has helped  and guided her a lot to acquire more knowledge about condition of single women in our country or let’s just say in the world. She says, “Before joining WHR, I wasn’t much aware about the condition of single women in our country. I didn’t know that not only widows but the women whose husbands are still alive are also undergoing through the similar condition.”


Why did you join WHR?
Inspite of being a Social Science’s Student, I didn’t get the oppurtunity to do any concrete or critical study of any particular issue or event. Being absolutely respectful to the educational institution I completed my undergraduate studies in, I always missed the element of practicality in my college. As we all know, in this era of digitalization and practical education, just merely theoretical knowledge will do no good to our understanding of any issue or subject, practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge we attain is extremely important. We must have the skills and ability to think outside the box to analyze and work on the social issues around us. Since WHR is itself a non-governmental organization working for the rights of single women , I knew that it could help me enhance my knowledge and understanding on social issues and also help me develop my ability to work as a professional through practical action. That is why I joined WHR.

How has WHR helped you?
WHR has helped me a lot in improving my skills and developing my abilities in various fields such as report writing process, translations, data entry systems and so on. To be more critical, my writings were not up to the mark, which I have  improved after working in WHR and yes I’m still working on it. Its not that I only learnt to improve my mistakes and my weak points but I also learnt and I am still learning about the problem of Single Women. Before coming to this organization, I was completely unaware about the problems and issues of single women. This organization has made me aware about the matters of single women which every youth and every individual of the society should be knowledgable about ,as this is not only the problem of a particular family or society but of the whole nation. Women are not only facing problem being single but they are also suffering the problems when they have a life partner with them. They are confined within the four walls of their homes and they are not involved in any social, political activities. In the case of Single women, they are not involved in any religious, social practices and  the reason behind this is that, their involvement on such practices is believed to be a bad omen. Such mindset of people have led to the single women to be dominated in the society and the victim of violence.

What issues have you learnt about regarding single women through WHR?
In WHR , we get to hear about various problems of single women based on property rights, legal issues and so on. Our nation  has not implemented any proper action against violation of single women’s human rights. Even government shows gender biasness when it comes to such issues. There are fundamental rights and human rights for women, but due the patriarchal society women are still silent and there is an invisible maskin their mouth. Its always women being a victim of Sex violence, harassments, etc whether it’s there home or public places.

How is the working environment in WHR?
The people at WHR are very fun and friendly. We often do a gathering once a week and if there’s anything problematic about the works we do, there are lots of experienced and helpful people ready to help us. The work or the program I enjoy the most participating in, is the fundraising programs that includes melas, fests, dance parties and so on. Honestly, I am really cherishing and enjoying every moment at WHR and I am still hopeful to learn more and experience more.

Nija, who believes that practical implementation of the theoretical knowlege is the main necessity for today’s day and time considers