A successful Teej Celebration for Single Women!



Teej, a festival where the color ‘red’ is the ultimate favorite! Single Women (widows) are restricted from the color and the festival. Single Women from WHR celebrated Teej on 22nd August, 2014 trying to break the social and cultural barriers. Single Women from nearby districts had come to enjoy and celebrate the day. The mela was a fun and exciting event with traditional Teej music. The dancing to the music was the ultimate highlight of the event. Apart from the good music, there were also many stalls with many items such as cosmetics, accessories, traditional clothes and products by single women home based workers. We also had a stall for ‘Opportunity fund’ where we collected donations for the flood victims at Sindhupalchowk. The fund collected from entry tickets was also accumulated for the flood victims. Everybody enjoyed the mela with good food, good music, shopping, and thankfully a good weather as well and more importantly everybody gave their share for a good cause. The Teej Mela was a very successful event leading to a smile on everyone’s faces at the end of the event.

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